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So I'm dusting off this old LiveJournal in order to institute my own Cannonball Read, much like what has been doing fpr the last few months, meaning, starting yesterday, July 15, I will attempt to read and say a little something about 100 books in a year. This honestly shouldn't be too hard. We'll see though. Nobody will probably read this, but I need something to show that I did it. Or am doing it. Either one.

We'll start with the book that I finished today so:

1. I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan

This book got off to a good start: hilarious, innovative and with decent character development. It turned down slightly to the end, though, going into a tailspin and seemingly just trying to get the point of the ending in.  The ending chapter with Raphael dictating was obviously supposed to be an emotional appeal to the audience, but came off, rather, as contrived, one of the only disappointingly cliched things in a book that was incredibly imaginative. It is all together possible that I just didn't get it. 

A good read, and a quick one, once you get started the smooth first-person stream-of-consciousness narrative just blows by.

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